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Patti Wigington

Patti Wigington has been the editor of About.com/ThoughtCo's Paganism & Wicca site since 2007, and her work has appeared in Llewellyn's Herbal Almanacs and Witches’ Calendars, as well as a number of other Pagan websites. Patti has a BA in History from Ohio University, and is the author of The Good Witch’s Daily Spell Book, Wicca Practical Magic, and The Daily Spell Journal, which will be released in August 2019. Patti first embraced Pagan spirituality in 1987, and is a licensed minister who works as an educator in her local Pagan community, as well as the founder of Clan of the Stone Circle, a Celtic Pagan tradition. She lives in central Ohio with a pair of college students, several dozen Tarot decks, and a very large dog. You can find Patti online at www.pattiwigington.com or www.facebook.com/aboutpaganism

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